Many customers ask us the best ways to save money on their household electricity costs, whilst installing residential solar panels are an excellent option in reducing your bills, there are some simple ways you can save money this winter by minimizing unnecessary energy usage:

Keep it cosy. Only heat the areas you need

Family members can help with this one. Aim to close the doors to the areas not frequently used, the doors to bathrooms and laundry are a good start. If you can close bedroom doors when not in use, this will help heat the rest of your house much faster. You can also use draft-stoppers to prevent the warm air from escaping, and close any curtains and blinds when the sun isn’t shining

Rug up!

Whilst this seems like an obvious one, there is some science behind layering up. When the temperature is cold, your body will naturally restrict blood flow to the extremities to keep your vital organs as warm as possible. To keep you feeling warm, try to keep your hands and feet rugged up to avoid it feeling like its colder than it actually is

Mindful showering

Did you know that in most households, heating water is responsible for up to a third of the energy bill? Aim to cut down on your shower time during winter to help reduce your energy costs. If you live in NSW, you will also be doing your part in reducing unnecessary water usage with water restrictions currently enforced.

Spinning around

Most ceiling fans will spin in two directions – one for summer and one for winter. this switch can be found on the top of the fan near the motor. By switching the fan to winter mode (when the fan is OFF of course), the motor will spin backwards and help circulate the warm air that has risen to the top of the room

Drying out

Household appliances typically account for up to a quarter of household electricity consumption, with the clothes dryer being the worst offender. When it’s possible, use the free energy from the sun to dry your clothes on the washing line, or drying rack instead of paying for the convenience of the clothes dryer

Snuggle bunny

This last tip will not only keep you warm but help beat those winter blues. It has been scientifically proven that skin – on – skin contact can help increase the core body temperature very quickly. Human contact is shown to increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the body which will help lift your mood and decrease cortisol levels (the stress hormone). So, use this winter as the perfect excuse to snuggle with that special someone.