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You can access quick answers from these common topics listed below. If you are looking for more specific answers to your inquiry, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 4606 3524 to connect with our professional customer service agents.
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How do I read my bill?
Click here to see our sample bill.
How do I switch to email billing?
Send us an email at , or simply give us a call at 4606 3524, we'll update your billing preference for you. 
Why am I not getting any bills?
We will issue your bill once we have the latest meter read. If you haven’t receive your bill over a month, please send the inquiry to or call 4606 3524.
Where do I find my billing history?
You can login to your customer portal, and you can find your historical bills under Statement tab.
When does my billing start?
Your billing cycle starts on the day your electricity is connected.
What is the NMI?
An NMI, or National Meter Identifier, is a unique 10- or 11-digit number given to every networked electrical connection in Australia. You will find your NMI in your customer portal, or on the first page of your electricity bill.

A capture of sample bill showing where can you find the NMI.
Why have I got an estimated bill?
The most likely reason you’ve received an estimated bill is because we couldn’t get to your meter to read it due to the access issues, extreme weather conditions or other reasons. Hence, the bill can only be issued with an estimated read. However, the meter read will be adjusted to the actual read when the next actual meter reading is available.
Why is my bill so high?
We understand that an unexpectedly high bill can be a bit of a shock. Bill increases reflect your lifestyle changes such as: moving to a bigger house, installing a pool, or just from using appliances that are less energy efficient.

It’s also worth comparing your current bill to the one for the same period from the last year.

Head to Live Chat if you’d like talk to us about reducing your energy costs.
How often am I billed?
You will be billed monthly or quarterly based on your billing cycle selection.

What are the ways I can pay my bills?
You have the following payment methods to pay your bill:


Pay online, without signing in. BPAY

Pay via BPAY using Biller code: xxxxx and the Reference number will be showed on your bill
By post

Send your cheque to:

PO Box xxxx Smeaton Grange xxxx, along with the payment slip from your bill.

Call 4606 3524 to arrange payment over the phone.
When is my bill due?
You will see the due date of bills on the first page. Normally we offer two weeks for our customers to pay their bills.
Can I pay the bill for my business in instalments?
We understand that lump-sum bills don’t work for everyone. So, if you’d rather pay your bill off in smaller bite-sized pieces, we’ve got a few options for you.

Chip away at your bills with BPAY
Before your bill’s due date, you can chip away at it by making smaller payments ahead of time.

You can also set up regular BPAY payments if you’d prefer. You’ll need to do this through your bank. Use Biller code: xxxx and the Reference number showed on your bill.

Get your bills issued monthly
This is only available for electricity accounts holders with a smart meter.

If you have a smart electricity meter, email us at or go to Live Chat to change your bills to monthly. If you don’t know what kind of meter you have, don’t worry, we’ll be able to look it up when we get your message.

If you need more information on payment plans, talk to a Live Chat agent about more tailored payment plan options during our business hours.
What is a late payment fee?
You may not be qualified for your discount anymore if you fail to pay the total amount shown on your bill by the due date.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills on time, there are a few things that you can do:

- Request a payment extension on your current bill, just give us a call at 1300 599 008. You can pay your bill with a once-off payment or installments. If you request the payment extension before your bill’s due date, you’ll be able to keep any discounts applied to your account.

- Take a look at our Financial assistance options.
How do I set up direct debit?
You can set up a direct debit quickly and easily. Fill the direct debit application in your welcome pack and send it back to us by emailing to or posting it to GPO BOX xxxx George Street, QLD 4003.
How do I set up direct debit?
You can set up a direct debit quickly and easily. Fill the direct debit application in your welcome pack and send it back to us by emailing to or posting it to GPO BOX xxxx George Street, QLD 4003.
What if my direct debit payment did not go through?
Direct debits can take up to 3 business days to kick in. If you’ve just sent out your application, it might not be arrived or activated yet. You can jump through to Live Chat or give us a call at 4606 3524, and we’ll look into it for you straight away.
Where do I find my billing history?
You can send the request to our or call 4606 3524.

Please note,we can also send you all the bills by post on your request, but it will incur postage fees.

You can also login to your customer portal, and you can find your historical bills under the Statement tab.
What is my balance?
The balance reveals debits and credits in your account. The number within brackets shows how much is credited.
What should I do to transfer to Macarthur Energy?
You can sign up through our website and one of our staff will call you to confirm your detail and then you will be transferred to Macarthur Energy on the next scheduled read date of your meter.
How do I reset my password or change my login?
Once you have a login, you can change your password under Account Details tab.
How do I register for My Account?
Please go to and create the account by clicking on Register Account.
Will I still get a bill if I use direct debit to pay my bill?
Yes, we’ll send you a bill in advance so you can see the amount before it’s debited.
When does my direct debit occur
The amount on your electricity bill will be deducted from your direct debit account on the bill’s due date.

Still need help?

If you still need assistance? Please send us an email at or call us on 4606 3524

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