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How we started

Founded in 2015 by Macarthur local, Mathew Cox, Macarthur Energy is focused on helping our community understand the true value and benefits of renewable energy.

As an Endeavour Energy trained Electrician, Mat spent over 12 years working on the electricity network in the Campbelltown, Camden, Picton and Wollondilly shires. During this time he developed a passion for sustainable and renewable sources of energy.

As the household demand for solar and renewable energy grew, so did Mat’s desire to help friends, family and neighbours become more savvy with the way they consume power in their homes.

Our Journey

Founded in 2018, Macarthur Solar was established to assign a dedicated team to handle solar panel installations, while still maintaining Macarthur Energy as our energy Retailer.

Since Macarthur Solars inception, we have installed thousands of solar panels for residents and businesses throughout south west Sydney.
Macarthur Solar
Macarthur locals have trusted us for years to provide their solar energy. Plus, because we exclusively service the Macarthur and surrounding regions, we have more time to help you with your questions, installations, and maintenance.
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Macarthur Energy
We are a smart energy retailer.
Macarthur Energy is leading the charge in the latest renewable technology to help our customers reach 100% sustainability. We deliver this through 3 main areas:


We do this by first taking an active interest in our customers. We take the time to learn about their entire energy situation, present deep analyses into their consumption patterns and work together on designing a solution: whether it’s financial or environmental.
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We seek to find high quality individuals who are determined to produce excellent work and continue to develop them to reach their potential. Our team underpins our ability to innovate and grow, so Macarthur Energy takes pride in finding enthusiastic people who bring creativity and sophistication to our operation.
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For our business to deliver on our promise to our customer and the individuals within our team, we need to look to the future and develop new solutions as well as grow new market segments with an open and humble perspective.
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Our Vision and Values

We believe choosing an energy provider is like finding a great GP.
Someone who is a constant, that you can trust, knows your individual situation, treats you like a person not a number and is only around when you need them, so you can focus on what really matters.

It’s a tall order for any energy company. That’s why Macarthur Energy services just three council areas. It means we can take our time to really help our customers find the best energy options, carry out bespoke installations or just share some neighbourly tips or advice.

Whether you’ve just moved to the Macarthur area or have been here for years, we want to help you feel right at home.

From stress-free energy home or business connections so you can start to settle in quickly, to picking the right solar panels so you do your part for the environment and save money.

We’ll be there for you as your life evolves.

From when you decide to renovate because your family or business is growing and you need more space. And also when suddenly, there’s too much space, because the kids have left home or its time to retire.
Because as life changes, how you use energy will too.

Chances are we’ll cross paths, because we’re locals too and so is our team. And we’re happy to share our insider community knowledge to help with anything from where to find a good plumber or even introducing you to the other locals. Keeping it small and focused isn’t just our way of providing energy, it’s our way to help our customers feel more connected to the rest of the community.

So, if you’re new to the Macarthur area, welcome. If you’re already a local, we’re glad you dropped by.
We hope you love it here as much as we do.

Macarthur Energy

Macarthur locals have trusted us for years to provide their energy.