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You can access quick answers from these common topics listed below. If you are looking for more specific answers to your inquiry, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 4606 3524 to connect with our professional customer service agents.
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What are your cheapest electricity plans?
Get a great deal on electricity when you sign up online!

Check out the options on our plan selector page – you might even be able to grab a special discount for signing up online.
Do I need to pass a credit check to open a Macarthur Energy account?
The answer is, sometimes.

If you’re an existing Macarthur Energy customer, moving to a new house, changing your plan or adding a new product to your account, we won't need to run a credit check for any new energy plan.

If you're switching to Macarthur Energy and signing up for one of our products, we'll need to run a credit check.

We do this to understand your ability to take financial responsibility and pay regular bills before signing you up to a binding agreement.

What happens if I fail the credit check? 

If you have a high-risk credit, it's possible we won't be able to offer you an energy plan. When this is the case, we'll let you know and recommend another option for you.
What are my rates?
You can call our customer service team on 4606 3524.

You can also find the information on your welcome pack we sent you when you signed up.
What is a controlled load?
Controlled load is a special type of electricity rate, or tariff, for high-energy appliances. It’s ideal for things that use a lot of energy, like underfloor heating or hot water systems.

You’ll need to have a separate meter installed to get a controlled load tariff. Just call us on 4606 3524 and we can sort this out.

If you’re seeing controlled load on your bill and don’t know why, it could be that someone who lived there before you installed it. If the reading of the controlled load meter readings remains the same for the billing cycle, that means there is no charge for the controlled load usage. If you have any questions about your controlled load usage, just call us on 4606 3524 and our customer service agent will give you detailed explanations.
What is a tariff code? (Anytime and Time of Use)
A tariff explains how you get charged for your electricity usage. Like most retailers, we offer two different kinds of tariffs – Anytime rate and Time of Use (TOU).

Anytime rate tariff also known as a single (flat) rate, doesn’t have any peak and off-peak periods. So, you pay the same rate always regardless of the time of the day you use energy.

Time of use tariff means that you pay different rates during different times of the day – peak when energy costs the most, off-peak when it’s the cheapest and shoulder when it’s a bit less than peak.
What is a supply charge?
Your supply charge is what you pay to an energy provider for supplying electricity to your address. It isn’t related to how much energy you use.

Your supply charge is listed on your bill as a daily rate. Our supply charge differs according to your plan and who your distributor is. The charge covers some costs of maintaining and operating the electricity network.
What are additional charges?
These charges may include late payment fees, credit card payment fees or any other type of charges. When you move home, your distributor may charge a disconnection/re-connection fee that can vary depending on which state you live and may change from time to time.

Disconnection fee applies when you move out of your old property and power is disconnected.

Re-connection fee applies when you move into your new property and power is reconnected. We will pass on these charges to you.
What is a solar feed-in tariff?
Excess solar generation will be sent back to the power grid, and you may eligible for the credit of it, this is called feed-in tariff. Tariff rates depend on your state and may be funded by your state government, your energy retailer, or a mix of both.

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